CPN's will land you in Federal Prison Fast!

If you are unfamiliar with the term CPN, you have NO worries.
  • CPN Numbers are actually real Social Security Numbers of Children or Elderly!
  • They are purchased on the Internet & Dark Web for $500-$1,000 and come with fraudulent identity documents.
  • Attempting to establish credit with one of these so called numbers will land you in Federal Prison.
  • Rental Kharma assists Federal and Local authorities in these investigations.
  • We will submit your information to authorities.
  • Anyone attempting to use our services with a CPN will have their account cancelled and NO refund will be issued.
  • Anyone that makes videos or websites etc instructing people to use Rental Kharma to build a new credit profile with a CPN using our service WILL be sued quickly.
  • Attempts to use our service to build a FAKE financial profile will NOT succeed.

Who's in Jail for CPN's?

CPN Prison
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