Partnership Agreement

with Rental Kharma

Purpose of the Partnership

To collaborate and mutually benefit from the partner program and co-marketing initiatives offered by the Rental Kharma. The Partner will refer clients to Rental Kharma’s rent reporting service and promote the partnership to their network. Referrals that use your partner code will receive a one time $10 discount for their rent reporting services. 


  • Refer-A-Friend Partners earn a referral commission of $10 for each successful referral
  • Business Partners earn a referral commission of $15 for each successful referral
  • Payments are sent via PayPal, Zelle or Amazon E Gift Cards
  • Payments are sent weekly for confirmed referrals

Marketing Restrictions

  • Partners cannot purchase search ads using the Rental Kharma brand name
  • Partners cannot share their discount code on "Coupon Code Websites"
  • Examples of Coupon Code Sites: DealSpotr, We Thrift, Coupon Annie Etc

Marketing Success

  • Share your partner page on your Social Media regularly
  • Go Live and host Q&A on "How Rent Reporting Works"
  • Realtors and Mortgage Pros ► simply tell your clients to call and speak with our team for same day verifications
  • Create Videos Like These and Post on YouTube, TikTok etc
  • Add your partner page to your LinkTree, Beacons or Link-in-Bio tool to increase conversion rates
  • Include your partner link in your videos about & description sections
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