Business Partner Referral Program

Build Passive Income, Simply By Growing Your Team

How It Works

  • Earn $20 for each Direct Recruit That Uses Your CODE or Name During Business Partner Setup ►
  • Direct Recruits are Paid Business Partners($50) That Use Your Code or Name
  • Earn $5 per signup for each client your direct recruit signs up for Rental Kharma's rent reporting service
  • Example: Your Growth Team of 20 Recruits each generate 10 new rent reporting members a month, you earn $1,000 that month
  • Social Media & Rent Reporting Coaching Webinars for Your Team
  • Custom Reporting for Your Teams Performance
  • Recruiting Bonuses are Paid Monthly on the 15th of the month following the prior month for all partners with a balance over $1,000. For Balances less than $1,000 Bonuses are Paid Quarterly.

Partnership Questions?

Partner Setup

$50 One Time Fee

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